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Start A Website For Free Using The Wix Website Builder

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

A website is a vital tool for any business in any industry for converting people into clients and customers. As a session drummer, your website also acts as an CV/portfolio that brings all your work and reviews together into one place.

This can be really valuable for potential clients as everything they could possibly want to know about you is all in one place. Attention spans are very short in this modern age, if someone can't find out information about you easily they will mostly likely not bother.

Why you need a website:

  • Gives you a professional platform to send people to for more information.

  • Allows people to submit quote forms to you easily.

  • Consolidates all your social media accounts and content.

  • Lets you retarget website visitors on Facebook as a second chance to get them to work with you.

  • You can automate bookings and appointments when people pay you.

  • Shows you care about your business and take what you do seriously.

  • Allows you to start driving traffic from Google to you via SEO.

Benefits Of Wix

I really recommend using the Wix website builder, It's a free website builder and it's really easy to create an professional website on using it, here are a few advantage points:

  • It's really simple to create a professional looking website.

  • There's loads of free apps for managing bookings and online products.

  • Create a free and professional looking online blog and forum(s) using the Wix website editor.

  • Create your own mailing list for free and send out email campaigns to them.

  • Simplistic and effective automation for sending emails to people automatically when they fill out forms.

  • Create an exclusive, priced members area for VIP clients/members

  • Unmatched customer service, request free calls from Wix for assistance.

  • Very well priced if you want to upgrade. (incl. £75/$75 of Google Ads vouchers)

How To Get Started

Creating a website on Wix is super easy and doesn’t take too long to set up. You can start off in ‘ADI mode’ which simplifies everything further and makes customising your website that bit easier for beginners. From there, you can go into the 'original mode' where you can make finer adjustments and edit your website in greater detail.

How much does a Wix website cost? Well it is completely free and stays that way until (if) you decide to upgrade and create your own unique website address. You can check out the tiers of subscription that are available and figure out if they interest you, although I would suggest upgrading at some poin.

A proper website domain name is also important in the same way your own personalised email is. When you create a website on Wix, you can choose to upgrade for roughly £80 ($105) and buy your own domain name, connect it to your site for a year and get £75 worth of free vouchers for google ads.

Top Website Creation Tips

  • Create  a colour scheme with 2 or 3 colours and use it as your main theme on your website and all social media pages.

  • Make the website VERY easy to navigate, if possible use a website design where everything is on one page.

  • Have a CTA (call to action) button such as ‘Book a session with me’ or ‘Watch my Covers’. Make sure it is bold, stands out on the page and is placed on your website multiple times.

  • If you have a contact form, don’t have more than 2-5 boxes to fill out. Low friction contact forms get the most submissions (conversions).

  • Once you have created your social media pages, make sure you link them on your website.

  • When uploading photos, upload them as a .PNG file as they don’t lose any kind of quality .JPEG’s are compressed and will often appear blurry when you upload them to a Website.

  • Don’t launch your website before your facebook page, vice versa. Finish all editing and SEO, making sure your social pages and website are integrated together and then release all pages simultaneously.

  • Create a good quality logo for your website, we recommend:

  • Only use HQ photos that are relevant, tell your story and/or differentiate you from the rest.

  • Watch this video for 3 top tips to optimise your website's performance.

Free Tools To Install Once you've got your website up and running, there's a few tools that are a MUST to install. These are free and will help you get the very most out of your website so there's no reason to not use them!

  • Google Analytics - Track your visitors and their viewing habits to analyse your website's performance and make improvements.

  • Facebook Pixel - This remembers everyone who visits your website who has Facebook, which enables you to target Facebook ads to them and covert them.

I can't express the importance enough, of having your own website as a session drummer. I won't lie to you, (very few) people have made a success of themselves without one; however, having a website opens up so many more avenues and potential opportunities to get yourself out there. 

Having a website and putting the time in to make sure it looks good and performs well could be the difference between your success and failure. To start creating and publish your very own website for free, click this link.

Article written by Eddie at The Professional Musician Academy

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