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How many hours do you waste frustrated inside your DAW, trying to get the perfect drum tones for your covers?

Wouldn't your time be better spent practicing your craft, writing music, recording or even networking with musicians?

Start focusing on the tasks that will actually propel your career forward and delegate your drum cover editing tasks.

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Architects - Animals | DRUM COVER
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BTS (방탄소년단) - 'Dynamite' by Phantom Drummer (Drum Cover)
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Defreight - Ophiuchus - Cameron Morris Drum Cover
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Had the pleasure of working with Eddie on one of my new covers! It's been such an easy and enjoyable experience working with him. Incredibly professional and responsive! I look forward to working with Eddie on all of my covers in the future!

Screenshot 2019-04-04 at 18.03.35.png


Absolutely brilliant! Eddie is laid back but hands on perfect for what he delivers! Passionate about you sounding your absolute best too! Would recommend to any drummers!



The service takes all of the hassle out of creating drum content based on your own limitations. It enables you to focus on your playing while letting the professionals get the sound you are after. The samples that are on offer help to get the exact drum sounds you are after if you don't have the perfect sounding room as well, which is a huge bonus! 

Right now, more people are online than ever, meaning there's no better time to upload content and get discovered. 

Scroll down to learn more about how our subscription plans will help you.

Release Awesome Content Every Week

Our standard tier subscription will cover you for releasing a new drum cover every single week. Releasing content on a weekly basis is proven to be the perfect frequency to release content in order to grow your online presence.

Distinctive AND Professional

Most drummers can agree that authenticity is just as important as your content sounding the best it possibly can. Minimal time correction and drum sample reinforcement are included to make sure your covers not only sound incredible but also maintain as much of your own unique characteristics and tones as possible. 

Rapid Delivery, Guaranteed

We understand your schedule is tight and you don't want to be hanging around forever for your audience to get to see your content. That's why in our standard tier you'll wait no longer than 2 working days to receive your finished product. 

Grow Your Online Presence

Here at DAE we not only want your covers to sound amazing, but we also want you to succeed. When you subscribe, you'll receive a short guide on how to upload your covers to Youtube in the most effective way to get discovered and grow your audience.