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How To Convert Audio Drums To MIDI In Logic Pro X

In this modern day, the use of drum samples is becoming more 'acceptable' and a popular production technique for many drummers and audio engineers alike. Drum samples can be used to thicken/reinforce a good drum recording, or instead of a bad one.

A popular way of converting audio drums into samples is through a plug-in or tool such as the Slate Trigger 2 plug-in, however this isn't cheap. A free method is to convert the audio into a MIDI file in your DAW. This then enables you to then load a virtual instrument to the MIDI to act as a sampler.

This can be done in most DAW's, however today I'm going to show you how to do this in Logic Pro X. In Logic, this is super easy to do, and within a click of a few buttons, your drum audio is converted into a MIDI file by a transient detector.

Watch the short tutorial below to learn exactly how to convert your audio drum recordings into MIDI, to then use as a sample track.

Thanks to our partners, The Professional Musician Academy for the video.


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Thanks for such a detailed guide! I'm new to this business, but I really want to achieve great success in this field. In general, now I'm studying all the software for working with video and audio. At the moment I'm read more articles about creating video on mac. Maybe you can recommend a few sites where they talk about audio processing and work with it?


is there any way to do this with a drum track where all the drums are on the same track such as a track of someone beatboxing or a sub-mix of live drums?

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